Sunday, January 19, 2014

Korea Winter D1 - Home Christmas Eve Dinner 홈 크리스마스 이브 저녁

Time to make dinner! Frankly I'm not a great cook at all and apparently it turns out that the two of them also don't follow recipes like me. We just do it by feeling... ㅎㅎㅎ

하연 언니 and 미선 doing most of the work while I... ㅋㅋㅋ

Making tomato sauce for the pizza.

Whole-wheat tortillas as pizza bases!

Shredding the 'Lovers Vegan Block' mozzarella cheese we bought just now at Vegelion onto our pizzas.

Mushroom olive pizza (with the "mozzarella") and sweet potato broccoli "soy fish" (with "cheddar") pizzas ready to pop into the oven!

The "soy fish" is this! 素鱼, fake fish made from soy and it's wrapped with seaweed. I brought it as a present for them. They loved it. (:

The no-recipe-just-follow-your-gut-feeling soy cream cheese pasta in the making! Looks good right~~ We added the vegan cheese too.


And here are the puppies!!! Forever curious about everything and hoping that you will feed them. ㅋㅋ Look at the hilarious half-bald puppy, it ended up with this very unique look because it was being shaved halfway when the shaver spoilt. LOL. The puppy sporting that very unique look is 하나 Hana, and she's the daughter of the other puppy 미니 Mini. Don't ask me who the dad is, I suddenly realised I didn't ask about that.... lol

Our Christmas Eve Dinner~!

Simple salad with tangy balsamic dressing.

Our soy cream mushroom pasta! It turned out very yummy! Creamy and mushroom-y with hints of nuts and coconut due to vegan cheese.

Pan-fried "soy fish".

Unfortunately, the vegan cheeses didn't really melt.........

This was delicious~! Sweet potato's flavour and creamy texture makes everything yummier. ㅋㅋ The "soy fish" was a great addition too. So simple to make, maybe I should do it again at home next time. :P

This was errrrrm a lil too salty... ㅎㅎㅎ

하나: Oh my that pizza looks delicious...

미니: Can I have some too..?
하연 언니: Nope. You can't eat these.

미니 & 하나: Pleeeeeease oh pleeeease~~~ *puppy eyes*

하연 언니: Alright alright, I'll give you some veggies.

하나: Why only sweet potatoes... *sulks*

I enjoyed the simple diner very much while chatting about anything and everything with my two friends while simultaneously being entertained by the 2 puppies.
They're very healthy dogs that lead a mostly raw vegan diet! I am very sorry to say that because of me they spoilt their diet for the next few days... *ahem*

And then for dessert...

Vegan Christmas Rum Fruit Cake and Chocolate Thin Mints from PLANT, and vegan Chinese New Year Green Pea cookies I brought as a gift from Delcie's Desserts, a vegan bakery in Singapore!
The pea cookies were a great hit. Everyone loved them including Mipa, the vegan baker at PLANT. They're my favourite melt-in-mouth cookies from Delcie's!

OMG these vegan choco thin mints (4,000KRW) are to die for...!!! So rich and decadently perfect.... I will buy these again!!

The rum was detectable! Which is maybe why it was rather pricey (9,000KRW). It was generously studded with dried figs, raisins, prunes and a few other fruits I think and nuts.

하나: Why are you guys not sharing any food with me....

We started planning for our weekend ski trip to Gangwon-do next week together. Sadly 미선 could not stayover and had to leave first. 하연 언니 and I continued chatting til later at night and we bought an online coupon to visit the hair salon the next day.

It was a very laidback first day back in Korea with no particularly exciting visit to any special place but I loved it. It was a nice day spent catching up with friends over food and shopping for food and enjoying a cozy homey dinner. This first day is also a prelude of my overindulgence on food for this winter trip that resulted in the many kilos I have put on now.... ㅠ

My first time spending Christmas Eve overseas. My first time making dinner at home with my new veg friends. Simple but precious memories. 

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