Saturday, January 18, 2014

Korean Winter D1 - Patjuk, Red Bean Porridge 팥죽

It was 동지 Dongji, Winter Solstice, the previous day so we got to eat the 팥죽 Patjuk, red bean porridge cooked by Hayeon's 어머니 mom for breakfast!

Mmmmm~~ A steaming bowl of porridge on a cold winter morning. Down-to-earth red bean flavour with a hint of savoury and sweetness! People usually add some white sugar to it to sweeten it but I'm with the original flavour. I love red beans!! Oh my and the lovely soft and chewy and melty rice dumplings 세알 (se al) are perfect with the red bean porridge.

Kinda similar to the Chinese tradition of eating sweet rice dumpling soups on Winter Solstice, just that our dumplings contain peanut/sesame/red bean fillings and the sweet soup is clear.

(sorry for the blurry pic. was in a rush plus I forgot my camera.)
And of course 반찬 banchan, side dishes is a must with every Korean meal! It was my first time eating homemade mom-made/grandma-made Korean side dishes and it was delicious~! Thank goodness I'm with Hayeon too, so I can be sure all these are vegetarian. Yay! I miss the whole variety of Korean 반찬s back in Singapore.. ㅜㅜ Lots of unique veggies used are not usually seen here!

After the very satisfying breakfast, it's finally time to go home~!

Apartments that rather resemble the condominiums in Singapore. 

The biggest difference is that across Korea doors usually don't use lock-and-key but digital locks (the one above) that require pin codes. I think that suits me better. I always forget my key or lose it... (-.-) Singapore should start installing these..

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