Monday, February 17, 2014

Korean Winter D2: Haneul (Sky) Park 하늘공원

I finally arrived at this dreamy little spot in Seoul I've been wanting to see for myself after seeing its beautiful pictures.

I had to quicken my footsteps because the sun was setting soon and I wanted to see the main park area in the beautiful sunlight.

The road leading up to Haneul Park.

I was a little lost on getting to the main park area with the eulalia and flame grass fields which was supposed to be on higher ground. After consulting a park map, I figured out they way.

Climb a zigzagging flight of 291 steps to get to the top! ^^

Couples are everywhere~~~ in Korea! You can't go anyplace without spotting at least one.

Oh no the sun is setting and I have yet to reach my destination!

Erm. Looks like I took a wrong turn. I had to walk back. (><)

And finally after huffing and puffing up a sloping road..

Haneul Park!

When I stepped in, I fell in love with the place immediately. I love love love wide open skies with stretches of fields in nature with seemingly endless little paths. It's such a dreamy and beautiful atmosphere. I was suddenly reminded of one of my favourite places in Korea, Suncheonman Bay. 

사랑을 찍는다. Capturing love. ❤ ^^
Another romantic place filled with couples~ Do you spot the couple behind taking selfie too?

My official first experience of stomping on snow in Korea. It's a big thing for tropical islanders like me okay~ haha

Sorry but I take crappy photos of sunsets and everything because I just suck at using a DSLR. The smog and haze from China didn't help either.

Crappy photo but I assure you the view was gorgeous in reality. (:

Lovebirds again.

You can climb up this nest structure to get better views of the fields.

This beautiful landscape was actually a landfill in the past! Amazing transformation~ 

Love is everywhere~  

Beautiful hues~

There was this shooting flying object.

I like this photo. ^^

I tremendously enjoyed the me time wandering around the eulalia and flame grass fields, listening to my light indie music and feeling the cold breeze and watching the swaying grass~

By the way these are not reeds. There's a difference!

Suncheonman Bay was reeds which are taller than these eulalia and flame grass. I heard that the Flame Grass Festival during October at Haneul Park is very stunning when the grass turns a golden hue! I will be back! I haven't got to see the Metasequoia path nearby because it was dark already. );

Oh and I just realised I accidentally deleted some of the prettiest photos I took here. And I can't retrieve them..... ㅠㅠ *wails in despair*

Going back down the 291 steps. That's the world cup stadium in the distance.

I ventured to the deserted World Cup Park via a connecting bridge.

It was deserted and quiet except for a few people. I can imagine my parents getting a shock and berating me if they knew I was venturing into deserted parks alone late at night.... 

Came across this mini eulalia maze! Got lost inside for awhile just for fun!

A middle-aged couple approached me to help them take pictures at the maze and I took quite a few good shots for them! They were very cute. And they didn't realise I was a foreigner at all! A mini accomplishment~ (;

Steps leading to the World Cup Stadium, which was closed of course.

I went to explore the Homeplus supermarket below and tried on some of the food samples offered there. Exploring supermarkets is so entertaining~~

And anyway, it was time to find dinner!

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  1. Hi! So you went to Haneuk Park in February? Wasn't it too cold at the time?